Our Services

"Change... Refresh...Rejuvenate... Let us give your business a new outlook"
"Your business wont succeed by chance, it will succeed with change"

Here at MapleTech Services we provide you the services that will keep you and your business up-to-date in a competitive market. Also our team of professional developers and designers provide reliable IT solutions for your business.

The services we provide include:

CMS Development

A content management system (CMS) allows publishing organizing, controlling and managing of the content on your website.


Get a Safe, secure and Swift Solution for you business. Less Stress More Progress.

Website Design

Attracting a global market customer depends on how you present your business online. Our qualified designers can provide the best and unique custom made designs to represent your business in the global market.

Web Development

Websites are the best way of representing your business online, get one made today to stand out at an international level.

Dynamic Website

Keep your business up-to-date in a competitive market by getting a professionally developed customizable application and/or website.


Logo Design

Pictures can speak louder than words, get a logo that can say it all. Stand out... show off your uniqueness.

Brochure Design

Want to present your information clearly and beautifully, get a brochure that will attract the attention of its audience.


Boost your business with a professional and well executed representation on platforms such as Google, Facebook and twitter etc.

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